cafe / coworking / kids room / library
what is KIDS POINT space? cafe/coworking/kids room/library
Kids Point is a multifunctional space for adults with kids.

This is a place where adults and children can spend time together and separately at the same time, with comfort and taking into account the interests of everyone.

This is a place where work, family values, friendships and the possibility of solitude come together.

кафе / коворкинг
who is KIDS POINT space for?
Expats with children
Expats who work locally or remotely and are forced to combine parenthood and work.
The locals with kids who want to meet friends in a cafe with a children's room or are looking for interesting additional leisure activities for their children.
Tourists with children
Tourists with children who want to spend time in a cafe with a nursery or devote time to work / study and park children somewhere for 1-2 hours
What does it look like? What is included?
Cafe like starbuks / cofix with a bar-showcase and seating for 20+ seats. Emphasis on coffee, juices and other drinks, ready-made sandwiches, meals, fresh pastries
Work area with the necessary technical support, good internet connection. Space for work and community meetings/lectures.
Kids room
A space with zones for active games, creativity and a special zone for toddlers. The space is designed with an emphasis on the free play of children + babysitters / teachers.
Cabinet / library
Quiet, closed space created for individual / group lessons for children or adults, business meetings, online conferences
детская / кабинет
How does the project make money?
  • Cafe
    • cafe work
    • takeaway food
    • orders for pastries/desserts
    • caterin
  • Coworking
    • subscriptions
    • hourly payment
    • additional services
    • rent for business event
  • Kids room
    • subscriptions
    • hourly payment
    • additional group lessons
    • babysiter services
    • event organization services
  • Cabinet / library
    • hourly rental
      (reservation of slots through the site)
Additional ways to monetize
  • Rent
    Rent of all / part of the premises for events, when cafes, coworking, children's and office are combined into a single space + event organization + catering
  • Additional services nearby
    • clothing storeBeauty / manicure salon
    • Photo studio
    • Shop of books, toys, clothing store
  • Group activities for kids and adults
    Organization and conduct of additional classes, clubs, camps for children, teenagers, adults, family trips